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We came here on a porpoise: ecotourism spectacular. The one with the gannet. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. And like that.

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Yesterday was my friend Jack’s annual birthday whale watch. This year it was a smaller group than in years previous: Jack, me, two other members of our Pathfinder group (Hi, Julia and Lou!), and the illustrious Batwrangler, who brought her camera. But before we get to that–dear reader: Friday, I had An Adventure. I took [...]

Bear’s bug rescue program. Also, apples.

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Working with windfall apples requires a particular kind of attention. At the risk of sounding like a Christopher Kimball essay, you never quite know what you’re going to get from looking at the outside of the fruit. I mean, you can spot the rotten ones pretty easily–but then sometimes you can have one that looks completely miserable, [...]


Thursday, March 14th, 2013

There’s a publication date (or dates) for my dear Mr. Lynch’s Republic of Thieves, and it’s Pi Day! I’m going to tell you my favorite clean joke. It goes like this: In the rest of the world, when they say Yankee, they mean somebody from North America. In North America, when they say Yankee, they [...]

Baby let me be your salty dog. Don’t want to be your man at all.

Friday, February 1st, 2013

I’ve been so damned busy I’ve been letting Friday night mixology inventions slide by without blogging them. Which means that once they vanish into the fortnight time limit of twitter tags, they could be gone forever! Last week (actually, on Sunday, during a birthday party for my friend Batwrangler) I invented the drink she named [...]

It’s not very exciting around here.

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I’m on deadline (Steles of the Sky is due first week of March, and edits on One-Eyed Jack just landed) and my dear Mr. Lynch is visiting until the end of the month, which means we’ve been spending endless hours sitting and typing at one another. And I’m training for a half-marathon at the end [...]

One eventual fate of the gargantuan pumpkin…

Monday, November 12th, 2012

I baked you a pumpkin custard.

A vegetable the size of your torso.

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

This is what the roasted pumpkin looks like. (Click through to flickr for more photos of the beast, and the process of dis-assembly.) Basically, you roast it at 350 until it looks like that and is soft, then let it cool. Cut the top off, ladle out the inside, peel off the skin (it comes [...]

Pandemonium and pumpkins…

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Yesterday, as previously mentioned, I read and signed at the marvelous Pandemonium Books in Cambridge. We had a fabulous time, and I’d really like to thank everybody that turned out. My friend who goes by the handle batwrangler took some photos: I’ve been slowly coming to terms with the realization that travel and public appearances [...]

Not exactly a Friday Night Cocktail: The Long Island Express

Monday, October 29th, 2012

This is a Hurricane variant, Yankee-style. In honor of the Frankenstorm, I decided that a cocktail was in order–and the cocktail in question was an obvious choice. I didn’t have any pineapple juice–and I wasn’t about to go out in this to get some. Leaves are slapping the windows like angry hands; the trees are [...]

Bones of the omn nom nom nom nom

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

The cookies came out. In honor of the Frankenstorm, I made cookies. “Bones of the dead” (Ossi di Morti) seemed appropriate to the day–as my housemate pointed out–although I tweaked the recipe a little. Brown sugar (because that was what I had), half King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour, and almond milk in place of [...]