Book week! And Ranty McRanterson goes to Rant-town…

Shattered Pillars is out tomorrow in the US! (Probably already available today in many fine bookstores, because it’s not a hard on-sale date.)

Book Two of the Eternal Sky trilogy continues the story of Re Temur, exiled heir to his grandfather’s Khaganate, and the Wizard Samarkar, Once-Princess of the Rasan Empire, as they struggle to stop the necromancer al-Sepehr from destroying the delicate balance of power of the kingdoms of the Celadon Highway.

To celebrate, I have been doing some guest blogs.

Over at A Dribble of Ink, I have ranted on the topic of grit, grimdarkness, and sexual violence–among other things. “I Love a Good Tragedy as Much as the Next Guy.

There’s a brief piece of Eternal-Sky related fiction coming up over at the Dark Faerie Tales Fantastic Fables event, where there will also be an ARC giveaway.

And I will be signing at the New England Mobile Book Fair in Newton Highlands, MA at 7 pm on March 20th (that’s this Wednesday), at Book People in Austin Texas at 7 pm on March 27th (that’s next Wednesday), at Dragon’s Lair (also in Austin) for their Indie Creator Night at 7 pm on March 28th (next Thursday, with Amanda Downum and others), and at Uncle Hugo’s in Minneapolis, MN on April 13th (a Saturday, with Robin Hobb).

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2 Responses to “Book week! And Ranty McRanterson goes to Rant-town…”

  1. Pam Majidy Says:

    my new boyfriend mentioned the other night that one of his favorite books was your novel ‘DUST’ I was wondering if you did book signings at all or public appearances in CT. I wanted to get a copy for his birthday. Perhaps even the whole jacob’s ladder trilogy.

  2. matociquala Says:


    Sometimes I do! None scheduled for this year, but I am trying to set something up at Pandemonium in Boston for later this year.