Shadow Unit: “Bulletproof”

New Shadow Unit tonight: Ms. Emma Bull’s extraordinary “Bulletproof.”

A complete episode for October!

Washington, D.C., August 2011

Such a short distance between far enough and too far, between just right and too much. A twitch of the hand is all it takes.

Her fingers are barely inside the curve of the handle, but it’s enough that when she reaches toward the counter for her ringing phone, she snags the mug. It skates across the kitchen table and over the edge. She doesn’t have a grip and can’t get one in time. With a pop, the mug hits the floor and breaks. China, white and screen printed, scatters like leaves.

“Lau,” she says into the phone, out of habit; who else would answer her cell? At her feet she can see a triangle fragment of the cartoon on the mug: the head and neck of a vulture in a cowboy hat.

“You know the first thing I’m going to say is ‘Sorry.’” Esther Falkner’s mellow voice is thinned by the phone speaker.

Here’s Emma’s commentary on writing it, by the way.

Posted: Monday, October 17th, 2011 @ 3:13 am
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  1. WOL Says:

    Yay! A lovely dangling carrot to help get this WOL through an uphill Monday.