This would have been more impressive if I had a ream (an actual ream) of typewritten pages in front of me…

It has been 23 days since my last weekend.

I’ve spend the past 60 hours or so working obsessively on finishing Shattered Pillars, book 2 in the Eternal Sky trilogy, which is due on the 15th. It’s not done yet, but I have basically only the climax and denouement to go… and maybe one small anticlimax.

Since it’s in a word processor, I cannot show you a photograph of the 469 manuscript pages (it will be somewhere around 500 when it’s complete), but believe me, right now I’m feeling the weight of every one of them.

The good news is that the book has come alive in my head in a new way over the past week or so. I’m inhabiting the world of the text, feeling the emotional reality of the narrative through the filter of the characters’ perceptions. In other words, it’s going well.

And today I got to write a scene that I’ve been looking forward to since I started Range of Ghosts, over a thousand manuscript pages and more than two and a half years ago. It turned out quite short, but it made me happy: one of those little emotional grace notes that I live for. I think this book is coming together quite well, actually.

It’s funny. When I started my first blog (back in 2002) I blogged a lot about the process of writing. These days, I have less to say about that. And it’s not that I’ve stopped learning, but so much of what I’m learning now is tiny esoteric fiddly things, little very specific bits of craft that are applicable in one place only… blogging about it is hard.

One thing I have noticed lately is that, while my critical/editorial facility is definitely in play while I read other people’s books, lately there’s much less “That’s wrong!” and much more, “This is an interesting choice. I wonder what drove the author to select this option out of all the possible ones…”

Also, much more appreciation for what’s done right in a particular work.

It’s a pleasant change.

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3 Responses to “This would have been more impressive if I had a ream (an actual ream) of typewritten pages in front of me…”

  1. Susan Kelly (@Susan_Kelly_) Says:

    Hello, Elizabeth,

    I’m glad your book is feeling so comfortable and close to you. Better than otherwise with the 15th looming.

    I enjoy following your Twitter stream. Makes me feel quite slothful, quite often, and that’s not a bad thing.

    Best wishes.

  2. Lee Edward McIlmoyle Says:

    This new trilogy intrigues me, the more I read about it. I’ve noticed you’ve been blogging the death march on LJ. I’ll have to read through that.

    Also, the last few paragraphs give me hope. I almost look forward to reading your opinion of some of my work, some day.

    Almost. ;)

    Good luck with the resolution.

  3. matociquala Says:

    Susan, Lee–

    Thank you.

    I’ve thrashed through a few that felt like an alien swamp the whole way. With spiky things.

    It’s nice when they cooperate.