Epic confusion at Epic ConFusion (or) how I spent my winter vacation

At Epic ConFusion, Subterranean Press hosted an all-author (and one editor) AD&D game. It was GMed by Saladin Ahmed and Myke Cole (two debut authors whose first novels are out these past two week!) and featured a party comprised of Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, Jim C. Hines, Patrick Rothfuss, Brent Weeks, Peter V. Brett, and me. (My dear Mr. Lynch and I were delayed in transit, and Jay Lake and Yanni Kuznia were kind enough to sit in for us until we arrived.)

The session was filmed by Justin Landon, and will eventually be released as a video… but in the meantime, here’s the trailer, featuring Saladin’s absolutely verifiable nature-identical goblin screeling noises.

Posted: Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 @ 4:59 pm
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