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Sunrise, New Richmond, WI 18 September 2012

Sunrise this morning was deeply incredible. The photos from my little Canon don’t even begin to do the colors justice–there were mauves and oranges and golds, and clouds lit up from the inside like star-nursery nebulas incandescent in the depths of time. There were broad red rays of light, clearly visible through the air, streamered by the architecture of dusty rose clouds.

Scott actually woke me up to come see it. It was something else.

In other news, the tiny dessert microwaving kick continues. I made these “deep dish cookies” (link goes to photos at my tumblr, with an embedded link to recipe) late last night after lifting. They were perfectly cromulent, but it’s possible the tiny microwaved desert thing may have peaked. The instant gratification is lovely, and I am sure I will make something like a mug cake again–but the mug cakes are just not as good as the real thing.

Microwaves: still mostly a stopgap, sixty years later.

Even in the future nothing quite works as advertised.

Still, melty chocolate chips at 3 am in a total elapsed time of ~three minutes. I should not complain.

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