For what is life without tea?

Over on my livejournal, I’ve made a (recently lapsed) habit of blogging my daily work-related tea intake. I had gotten away from it, though it was a nice bit of daily work-related accountability…. but I just got a new teacup for my birthday, and I felt like showing it off. So.

Tea today: Teavana Strawberry Misaki (with a ginger candy in the bottom of the teacup, for moral support). This tea was a gift from my stepmom, IIRC.

Teacup today: Franz porcelain phoenix, a birthday gift from my father.

Posted: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 @ 5:13 pm
Categories: Daily Commute, Tea.
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6 Responses to “For what is life without tea?”

  1. pooks Says:

    That teacup.



    I am so much in envy I may never dig myself from the depths of hell for this sin.

  2. Fade Manley Says:

    That is possibly the most glorious teacup I’ve ever seen. It looks as if it’s about to go sailing off to some fascinating adventure, leaving me behind, if I don’t drink from it properly.

  3. Mockorange Says:

    That is the most fabulous teacup I have ever seen. Every sip a ceremony.

  4. wishnevsky Says:

    The pot was out of stock.

  5. camille Says:

    Good lord, that cup is astonishing.

  6. camille Says:

    Ha! Okay, did not mean to plagiarize the previous comment! I am sincerely astonished. (And on a cell phone.) Gorgeous cup.