We take our trick or treating seriously around here.

2012-10-27 16.58.41

That was the scene in my front yard twenty minutes ago, It’s still going on out there, but we ran out of candy after an hour.

We had fifteen bags.

We live in a rural community (though we ourselves live on the town common) with the result that all 3400 people in town come to the common for trick-or-treating. (They announce what day it will be with a sign at the main approach to town.)

It gets a little crazy.

I meant to put on a costume, but the trick or treaters started showing up half an hour early, so I just did what I had to do:

2012-10-27 16.39.58

At least I had the stripy socks.

This was my favorite costume of the night:

2012-10-27 16.51.20

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One Response to “We take our trick or treating seriously around here.”

  1. Peter Sursi Says:

    But let’s talk about what’s important. What kind of candy were you handing out?