Bones of the omn nom nom nom nom

2012-10-28 07.02.46

The cookies came out.

In honor of the Frankenstorm, I made cookies. “Bones of the dead” (Ossi di Morti) seemed appropriate to the day–as my housemate pointed out–although I tweaked the recipe a little. Brown sugar (because that was what I had), half King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour, and almond milk in place of regular milk. I also threw in a few splashes of Amaretto, because Amaretto, and did not dust with powdered sugar in deference to the tastes of this household. Twenty minutes seemed about the right baking time for not-too-crunchy cookie.


Delicious, and kind of moreish (I may be on my fourth, although I haven’t had any other breakfast yet) and if you ignore the massive amount of sugar decently healthy.

(pics or it didn’t happen)

2012-10-27 18.40.00

2012-10-27 18.39.11

2012-10-28 06.40.43

2012-10-28 06.50.59

(makes a while damned lot of cookies.)

(I totally borrowed Chaz Villette’s stand mixer for this.)

ETA: I uploaded my version of the cookie recipe to Sparkpeople.

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6 Responses to “Bones of the omn nom nom nom nom”

  1. matociquala Says:

    They really do look decently like bones.

  2. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin) Says:

    Bone shaped cookies. Brilliant, and timely. And, I am sure, delicious! :)

  3. Phiala Says:

    I made brownies: must be properly prepared, after all. Scharfenberger brownies, with ancho vanilla. But I was so tired I went to bed without even tasting them. Coffee and brownies for breakfast, I guess.

    I saved that recipe in the KAF newsletter for a later baking session too.

  4. kriz1818 Says:

    … I want leopard spots on MY KitchenAid mixer!

    Or maybe white spots … black wouldn’t show up very well on cobalt blue. 8-)

  5. matociquala Says:

    These are holstein cow spots…

    I love them. They make flames, too, and so forth.

  6. Lookfar Says:

    hummmm! we have these in Spain to ( “huesos de santo” or bones of saints), the have two types pf cream inside, very nice….