The road winds ever on–

I got 3200 words yesterday, which makes up for being a bit, er, distracted on Monday. (Friends, hurricane, you know how it goes.)

Today, I have to try to get quota before leaving to go rock climb, so that’s what I’m going to do essentially the instant I hit post on this blog. I’m just here to (briefly) tell you about my tea.

2012-10-31 08.07.59

Tea today: Teavana Ayurvedic white chai with a half of a lime in it.

Teacup today: awesome squid mug. I love my squid mug.

Sadly, the mug is more awesome than the tea. (Well, okay, I’m not that sad. I love the mug.) It seems to me that Teavana is much better at marketing than product. Their tea is awfully pretty, and their catalogues are prettier–but it isn’t particularly tasty. And it’s overpriced, and I have qualms about their business practices.

It’s not bad tea. But it’s to good tea what Godiva is to good chocolate–better than Hershey’s, but not a patch on, say, Callebaut.

This is a perfectly cromulent white tea, with the flavor almost buried under lemongrass. In general, I prefer the much more undermarketed Upton Tea (the internet tea supplier equivalent of a dusty corner shop, really, and I mean that in a good way) for estate teas and flavored black teas, and good old Stash and Tazo for flavored green tea blends and herbals, at which they respectively excel.

(If you’re ever in Boston and in search of a tea bar, by the way, Tealuxe is delightful. However, the one in Harvard Square serves tea by the pot and has no WC. Fair warning.)

And now, time to earn my living.

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11 Responses to “The road winds ever on–”

  1. Grey Says:

    I have recently become a expatriate in the Republic of Tea. On the strength of their Orange Ginger Mint alone.

  2. Tucker Says:

    Teavana gets points for having been available locally when I was just starting to learn about good tea. Also I think they’ve been going downhill, getting more interested in the pretty and/or smelly teas and less in the quality of the actual tea.

    On the other hand, I would love Upton forever for their cheap shipping north of the border alone. That they also provide good tea is a pleasant bonus.

  3. Caryn Says:

    You got me to try full leaf black (Tazo Chai) and letting it steep for the full five instead of my usual one minute for black that’s not full leaf. Very very nice. (I’m awake!!)

    Callebaut chocolate is wonderful. When you next make it to Vancouver I have a couple of other places to introduce you to. Is this where I mention I’d brought Mink chocolate for you to try at WFC? Except you are working on your book instead. Which is good, but it’s still temporarily disappointing.

    Hope you get a great climbing session today.

  4. matociquala Says:

    Grey–I love Republic of Tea’s Cardamom Cinnamon tea. Lovely stuff. And I still drink Twining’s Earl Grey and Prince of Wales teas. Both delicious, as is anything from Kusmi Tea…

  5. matociquala Says:


    I am an Upton partisan, hardcore. If I could have only one tea company forever, they would be it.

  6. matociquala Says:


    Alas! Man, now I’m really sad. But if I hadn’t cancelled last week I’d probably be cancelling this, due to hurricane.

  7. WOL Says:

    I’m really partial to Twining’s Earl Grey, and they have a gunpowder black I like as well — they call it “English Breakfast.” I have not tried the idea of putting a slice of lemon or lime in the pot while it steeps. I’ll have to try that. I have some green tea cups that have ceramic strainers and lids that can double as saucers.

  8. matociquala Says:

    English and Irish Breakfast are generally not my thing, as I rarely put milk or sugar in tea. On very cold nights… tea with milk or cream and sugar can be nice, however.

    I have some of those Korean-style teacups, too. They’re lovely. I actually use one as a salt cellar, because the strainer broke.

  9. Grey Says:

    I’ll try the Cardamom Cinnamon! I do lurv cardamom.

    Not to mention that the name is a fun tongue-twister.

  10. matociquala Says:

    The Vanilla Almond is awfully good, too. But I am a sucker for all things almond and/or vanilla. Especially and. Mmmmarzipannnnn.

  11. WOL Says:

    Chai (hot or cold) made with almond milk is oh, so lovely! I sweeten black tea, usually with a dollop of either pomegranate juice or apple juice, but don’t put milk in (don’t even buy milk). I drink it mostly for the caffeine. Not well known is that caffeine is a mild analgesic. Coffee and I don’t get along (don’t like the taste & it eats up my tum), but a stiff belt of gunpowder tea of a morning does help to get the ball rolling. BTW, the tannins in tea are supposed to have a beneficial effect on the teeth. . .