Pandemonium and pumpkins…

Yesterday, as previously mentioned, I read and signed at the marvelous Pandemonium Books in Cambridge. We had a fabulous time, and I’d really like to thank everybody that turned out.

My friend who goes by the handle batwrangler took some photos:


I’ve been slowly coming to terms with the realization that travel and public appearances are work, and are very tiring. So today seems to be taken up with an awful lot of getting caught up on domestic chores–raking, laundry, sweeping and dusting my house, dishes, cooking. This seems to be important prep, somehow, for the story I am supposed to be writing currently–which has a bunch of elements, but is still lacking a plot. Tomorrow, though, will be story-crushing day (I’m taking a brief break from Steles of the Sky to knock out some shorts with loving deadlines) and that story–working title “Gallowglas”–will be crushed.

Also, it’s time to process the Halloween pumpkins, because the frosts are here, and they would go to waste otherwise. There’s a sugar pumpkin and a Cinderella (“Rouge vif d’etampes“) pumpkin, both of which need to become pepitas and pumpkin puree.

Today, I stabbed the Cinderella pumpkin a bunch of times, and stuck it in the oven. This thing is huge, and my house is starting to smell of baking squash.

When it has cooked, I will open it and scoop it and freeze it, and collect the seeds for roasting and salting.

Mmm. Pepitas.

Man, look at this thing. Isn’t it gorgeous?

2012-11-11 13.34.02

(The drinking glass is for scale.)

Here it is in my oven:

2012-11-11 13.36.02

Which needs cleaning, yes.

And now, time for lunch and some more laundry.


Posted: Sunday, November 11th, 2012 @ 7:24 pm
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2 Responses to “Pandemonium and pumpkins…”

  1. WOL Says:

    I have the ebook of Shoggoths in Bloom, so I didn’t realize the dead tree edition was in such a large format. Gorgeous pumpkin. If it’s any consolation, your oven looks a whole lot better than mine does. . .

  2. matociquala Says:

    It’s a self-cleaner, so I have no excuse, except fear of the damned thing.