A vegetable the size of your torso.

Pumpkinstravaganza 2012

Pumpkinstravaganza 2012 Pumpkinstravaganza 2012

This is what the roasted pumpkin looks like. (Click through to flickr for more photos of the beast, and the process of dis-assembly.)

Basically, you roast it at 350 until it looks like that and is soft, then let it cool. Cut the top off, ladle out the inside, peel off the skin (it comes like peeling sunburn) and then either puree it with an immersion blender and strain it or run it through a food mill.

Dis-assembly was easy and fun, but due to volume we were glad to have three people working on it.

We wound up with about two gallons of puree. That’s a big pumpkin.

I’m going to try my hand at some pumpkin custard Monday or Tuesday night.

Pumpkinstravaganza 2012

Posted: Sunday, November 11th, 2012 @ 10:49 pm
Categories: Cooking and Food.
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One Response to “A vegetable the size of your torso.”

  1. Lookfar Says:

    Can’t wait to see that pumpkin custard..