When last we left our intrepid band–

I mentioned this briefly in the last post, and I think I’ll mention it again, because I could not be more thrilled: Scott’s handed in the final revisions on The Republic of Thieves, and its publication date is set for October 10th 2013 in the UK and October 8th 2013 in the US.

I know it’s been a long wait, but it’s really for reals happening now, and it would take the Heat Death of the Universe to stop it. I was actually in the room when he emailed the final manuscript in. (Yes, I am a lucky bitch. And my boyfriend is a genius. I noticed. And I’m so pleased and proud you’d think it was one of my own books.)

Hell, I want to hold a copy of this book in my hands just for the cover art.

That boy I like can write some, that’s for sure.

In other and more immediate news, and speaking of being proud and pleased and writing it myself–I seem to have a book coming out too. My author copies of Shattered Pillars arrived on Tuesday with a thump against the porch. I have proof!

Actually, I have something beyond proof–I have actual copies!

I’ve been sniffing it ever since.

It goes on sale next Tuesday, the 19th. And I kind of wish I had time to enjoy it, but I’m on deadline for Metatropolis III: Electric Boogalee* currently. And that basically takes precedence over everything, especially since I’m writing something Highly Plotty and those Go Slow.

So back at it now.

*Actual title: Metatropolis III: Green Space, starring Jay Lake, Ken Scholes, Karl Schroeder, Mary Robinette Kowal, Seanan McGuire, and, er, me.

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3 Responses to “When last we left our intrepid band–”

  1. Elinda Says:

    For authors, is it better to buy the physical book, or the ebook? Or does it not make much of a difference on your end?

  2. a gentlewoman bastard Says:

    Yeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhh! we have the third Locke Lamora book coming!!!

  3. matociquala Says:

    Elinda, I get a slightly higher royalty rate on ebooks, but the cover price is usually lower. So it’s pretty much a wash, and you should buy whatever you best like to read. *g*