Shunned House: For Sale/Sold

On  the way out to Viable Paradise, Sherwood Smith, my dear Mr. Lynch, and I did a brief tour of Lovecraftian Providence. We visited the Shunned House and the Haunter in the Dark church and Mr. Lovecraft’s grave.

The Shunned House, with standard 6′ (ish) author to scale.
Sherwood Smith wants no truck with your existential horrors, Mr. Lovecraft!

We made the ferry with whole minutes to spare, having gotten… not exactly lost leaving the graveyard, just… unable to find an unlocked gate. There, we joined forces with the other instructors.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden and Sherwood Smith are sly, oh yes.

To the island, boy wonder!

Patrick Nielsen Hayden impersonates a moose

Tucker is totally the thing.

Steven Brust and PNH got both kinds of music here

VP students giving every impression of actually learning something

and teaching it.

Proof positive that Sherwood is a Robert Jordan character

(Sadly, I got no photos of Jim Macdonald tying her braids into nautical knots.)

On the way home, we had a small incident with our ferry reservation (I should have called ahead to triple-check, I know) and were delayed about three hours–but eventually we made it on to a boat and safely to the mainland. Safely, that is, except for Mr. Lynch’s dignity, as he increased his future nautical verisimilitude by taking a face full of Nantucket Sound off the bow chop.

You can't tell in this photo, but he was laughing like a twelve-year-old on a roller coaster.

All in all, mischief managed for this year. Back again for next!

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One Response to “Shunned House: For Sale/Sold”

  1. Fran Wilde Says:

    Thank you again for an incredible week, an amazing series of conversations (and the singing!), the dramatic readings, and a whole set of new neuron connections. I’m glad you didn’t stay locked in that graveyard!

    Seriously, anyone who is considering Viable Paradise for 2012 – GO. Do it. It’s amazing. Bear is pretty darn amazing too.