Giving it away!

Jim C. Hines’ Codex Born, that is–sequel to Libriomancer, which I loved, is out today. And I’m giving a copy away, which Jim will sign and personalize.

To enter, make me a humorous (or “humorous”) image macro about my books or Jim’s books and link or post it in comments. The winning comment will be chosen by asking a random friend to pick a number between 1 and X without explaining why I’m asking them to do it.

ETA: Entries close midnight Friday the 10th. Please link, because image posting is not working with my theme.

Something like this, I mean.

Posted: Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 @ 4:57 pm
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15 Responses to “Giving it away!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I hope this works.

  2. Rafe Says:
  3. serialbabbler Says:

    I couldn’t find any photographs that appealed to me so I just used one of my drawings. Really, ALL image macros should be my drawings. ;)

  4. Jim C. Hines » Post-Release Nap Time Says:

    [...] Elizabeth Bear – Create a humorous book macro about either my books or hers. (I really want to see what people come up with for this one!) [...]

  5. matociquala Says:

    Hmm. Images are not posting in comments, so we’d better have links…

  6. serialbabbler Says:

    Hmmm… it doesn’t look like my link worked. Let’s try this:

  7. Ana Steuart Says:

    I couldn’t think of a LOL for Jim’s Libromancer, but his princess Books spring to mind:

  8. Rafe Says:

    Hopefully, it works this time, without my attempted HTML….

  9. Amazing Amy Harlib Says:

    Please forgive me for being so technically challenged I have no idea how to make this image thing, but I desperately would love a chance to please win CODEX BORN, so here is a picture of me and a comment.

    Jim Hines and Elizabeth Bear’s books stretch the limits of the imagination to delight and amaze and I love to read them. Similarly, I stretch my body to its limits to delight and amaze my audiences when I perform.

    Thanks so much!

    Please go to my website to see images of my extreme flexibility.!

    Amazing Amy from NYC, unusual performer and life long lover of all things SF & F.

  10. Kelly Says:

    Going for the Princesses too, coupled with my own bird pic.

  11. Catherine R Says:

    Hope there’s still time for this! :D

  12. Allison Says:

    I spent way too long working on this…worth it, though.

  13. Paul (@princejvstin) Says:

    Okay, I’ll play!

  14. serialbabbler Says:

    Oh, cool! I was involved in something scientific. Totally scientific! *laugh*

  15. Kelly Says:

    Woohoo! This was a nice way to end my birthday week. :)