Space City Con and also Hieroglyph.

I am home from Space City Con in Houston, where I got to visit NASA, met several real astronauts and one of my favorite make-believe astronauts (Gil Gerard, who played Buck Rogers), and was also privileged to meet The Doctor, and another the Doctor as well.

I played AD&D with some of the people who design it, and I went drinking with Klingons. (Klingons are the absolute nicest people, as I tweeted. I think they get all their aggression out at work.)

I also achieved a conditional Project: Valkyrie win, as I ran 5K in slightly under 30 minutes. It was on a treadmill, though, so it only sort of counts.

And I’ve just finished a draft of my Hieroglyph Project story, “Covenant,” giving me something else to cross off my overwhelming to-do list.

Tomorrow, back to the CEM.

Posted: Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 @ 10:01 pm
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2 Responses to “Space City Con and also Hieroglyph.”

  1. alfredobrito Says:

    Hello Ms bear,I could not find an other place to write you.I am a Venezuelan S.F. avid reader since 1970.I have read your story “mongoose” several times in two different publications,in one of them they mention a story by you and Ms Monette The Boojum”.As this is mentioned in mongoose I am anxious to find it.Just bought “shoggotgs in bloom”.I would be very happy for any regards.Alfredo brito

  2. matociquala Says:

    Dear Alfredo–
    Boojum’s available online for free in two places in print, and as a podcast!

    Links to all my online fiction are here:

    Thank you for writing!