Another gorgeous day in Wisconsin.

Last night, Scott and I went for a 7.4 mile hike through the Willow River State Park, which was not particularly strenuous except one rather stiff uphill, and very lovely–especially the waterfalls, and the overlook along the river valley above them. I did not bring my camera, so no photos except this one, which I snapped with my phone.

Best of all, that cliff above the waterfall is bolted for sport climbing. I see a future in this….

If we go back tomorrow, I’m bringing my camera.

Today when I got up for my run it was a gorgeous 47 degrees out. Autumn is here! (Supposed to be 93 on Tuesday. I’m trying not to think about it.) Meanwhile, back East, there’s a complete mess of brutal thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Here we are, living in the future. I can take a photo and call somebody and tune my guitar using a pocket-sized electronic spirit level… and suddenly, tornadoes are a going concern in New England. (My doctor’s office is in the path of the Springfield tornado from a couple of years ago, It sort-of miraculously missed the office itself, took their picnic table, and flattened three-foot-thick trees on all four sides. The road is still closed in both directions: access is from a side street.)

Today, too, has been gorgeous skies, cool temperatures, and autumn light. As I type this, the window is open, and Scott’s cat has claimed the window ledge as his prime bird-watching area. I’m working on a new Shadow Unit episode that I hope to finish tonight or tomorrow if I can figure out the One Thing That Is Stumping Me. This week is entirely Catch Up After WorldCon week. Aieeee!

Maybe next week, I can manage some local socializing.

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One Response to “Another gorgeous day in Wisconsin.”

  1. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin) Says:

    Hi Bear.

    Sad for me to say, until last year, I had never heard of Willow River State Park, even though its right across the river from the Twin Cities. Gorgeous little park, isn’t it?