“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”

Well, I remember back in the dim mists of 2005, when Hammered was published, at least one reader informed me loftily that it seemed extremely unlikely that we’d see an R-hurricane in October. Of course, even when the book was published, it had already happened several times… and now, a mere seven years later, October hurricanes are becoming a depressing normality.

I missed Jenny Casey’s birthday this year. I meant to have a joint party for the both of us–she was born (fictionally speaking) on September 30th of this year. So belated happy birthday, Jenny. I hope I was wrong about a whole bunch of stuff.


Just not the hurricanes, apparently.

In other news, Shoggoths in Bloom is shipping–and getting rave reviews. And if you don’t like the stories, you can always just prop it on a shelf and look at the gorgeous cover. This is my second collection, and it includes both of my Hugo-winning stories (“Tideline” and “Shoggoths in Bloom”) as well as a brand-new SF story–and a wide and representative selection of Other Stuff.

In other news, I had promised to resume tea blogging. I’ve begun work on Steles of the Sky, and have been hitting a good pace of a little more than 2000 words a day. This gives me a bit of room for error, which I will no doubt need.

Today, I need to finalize the page proofs for Shattered Pillars (ARCs are circulating!) and see what more I can get done on Steles. That sense of pulling together all the threads of a 400,000 word story in the final volume is always a little intimidating, but I will get there.

I have a short story to write for Fireside magazine by the 15th, too. This will require me remembering how to write something under 10,000 words… which I have not done in a depressingly long time. Everybody wants novelettes, these days!

So anyway, tea.

Yesterday’s was Stash “Crepe Faire,” a cinnamon and mint herbal, in a teacup with mysterious Japanese phrases on it in green:

2012-10-24 09.33.38

Today’s tea is Upton Tea’s “Double Spice Chai” in my mom’s squid mug–although in the photo what you see is black coffee sweetened by molasses, because of reasons. The double spice chai is really nice stuff, with big chunks of clove and cinnamon in it. Nom.

2012-10-24 09.40.01

(The stuff in the bowl is udon with miso, wakame, and tofu. Also nom. Also breakfast.)

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6 Responses to ““I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.””

  1. Grey Says:

    What a gorgeous breakfast.

  2. Dave Crampton Says:

    I am in love with the squid mug! Is it unique?

  3. matociquala Says:

    Skybird Arts on Etsy. They’re *wonderful.* Tell her I sent you. ;-)

  4. Dave Crampton Says:


  5. Mary Kay Says:

    I’m a chai devotee and that sounds really good. I’ll have to order some. Chado Tea has a couple of good ones too. Reena’s Chai is my favorite. That tea place down the street from me has a white chai which is different and very nice.

    I assume you & yours are safe, if damp.

  6. matociquala Says:

    The lights even stayed on! And now the sun is out intermittently.

    Stash has a green jasmine spice chai that’s also nice.