The Promethean Age

Whiskey And Water ebook re-release, with a great new cover by Jenna Kass!

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Promethean Age 5: One-Eyed Jack,

The One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King: personifications of the city of Las Vegas – its history, mystery, mystical power, and heart! When the Suicide King vanishes – possibly killed – in the middle of a magic-rights turf war started by the avatars of Los Angeles, a notorious fictional assassin, and the mutilated ghost of Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel – his partner, the One-Eyed Jack, must seek the aid of a bizarre band of legendary and undead allies: the ghosts of Doc Holliday and John Henry the steel-driving man; the echoes of several imaginary super spies, decades displaced in time; and a vampire named Tribute, who bears a striking resemblance to a certain long-lost icon of popular music.

August 2014 from Prime Books.


Blood and Iron

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She is known as Seeker. Spellbound by the Faerie Queen, she has abducted human children for her mistress’s pleasure for what seems like an eternity, unable to free herself from servitude and reclaim her own humanity.

Seeker’s latest prey is a Merlin. Named after the legendary wizard of Camelot, Merlins are not simply those who wield magic––they are magic. Now, with the Prometheus Club’s agents and rivals from Faerie both vying for the favor of this being of limitless magic to tip the balance of power, Seeker must persuade the Merlin to join her cause—or else risk losing something even more precious and more important to her than the fate of humankind.…

Whiskey and Water

Indiebound * Barnes and Noble

Several years ago, Matthew the Magician ended an age-old war. It only cost him everything-and everyone-he knew and loved. Turning against his mentor, Jane Andraste, in the realm of Faerie left him physically crippled and his power shattered.

But Matthew remains the protector of New York City. So when he finds a young woman brutally murdered by a Fae creature, he must bring her killer to justice before Jane uses the crime to justify more war-and before he confronts an even larger threat in the greatest Adversary of all…

The Stratford Man:

An Elizabethan Duology

Kit Marley, playwright and spy in the service of Queen Elizabeth, has been murdered. His true gift to Her Majesty was his way with words, crafting plays infused with a subtle magic that maintained her rule. He performed this task on behalf of the Prometheus Club, a secret society of nobles engaged in battle against sorcerers determined to destroy England. Assuming Marley’s role is William Shakespeare— but he is unable to create the magic needed to hold the Queen’s enemies at bay.

Resurrected by enchantment in Faerie, Marley is England’s only hope. But before he can assist Will in the art of magic, he must uncover the traitor among the Prometheans responsible for his death.

The reigns of two Queens in two different worlds may come to an end. In the iron world, conspiracy and subterfuge within England’s royal courts threaten Elizabeth’s power. In the Faerie realm, Mab, bound by magic to her sister sovereign, finds herself weakened as well. Now, the fate of two worlds lies in the hands of two clever wordsmiths…

Ink and Steel

Hell and Earth

Jacket art by Paul Youll

A quick list of Promethean Age short stories:

  • “Terroir,” Harvest Season, Bill Roper, ed., November 2014
  • “Governess,” Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells, Ellen Datlow, ed. March 2013
  • “The Slaughtered Lamb,” The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, March 2012
  • “King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree” in Naked City: New Tales of Urban Fantasy, 2011
  • “The Horrid Glory of Its Wings,”, September 2009
  • “Inelastic Collisions” in Inferno, Ellen Datlow ed., Tor Books, 2009,
  • “The Girl Who Sang Rose Madder” at, September 2008.
  • “Sonny Liston Takes the Fall” in The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Ellen Datlow ed., Del Rey, 2008
  • “Black is the Color” in Subterranean Magazine, Summer 2007
  • “The Rest of Your Life in a Day” in Jim Baen’s Universe, October 2007.
  • “Cryptic Coloration” in Jim Baen’s Universe, June 2007
  • “The Cold Blacksmith” in Jim Baen’s Universe, June 2006
  • “Long Cold Day” in Sci Fiction, September 21, 2005
  • “House of the Rising Sun” in The Third Alternative #42, Summer 2005
  • “One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King” in Lenox Avenue, March–April 2005
  • “Botticelli ” at The Agony Column, February 2005
  • “Follow Me Light” in Sci Fiction, January 12, 2005
  • “Old Leatherwings” in Lenox Avenue, July 2004
  • “The Company of Four” in Scheherazade issue #20