Bibliography: novels, novellas, collections, and web serials

Eternal Sky

Bone and Jewel Creatures (novella) (2010, Subterranean Press)
Range of Ghosts (March 2012, Tor)
Book of Iron (novella) (September 2013, Subterranean Press)
Shattered Pillars (March 2013, Tor)
Steles of the Sky (April 2014, Tor)

The Jenny Casey Trilogy

Hammered (January 2005, Bantam Spectra)
Scardown (July 2005, Bantam Spectra)
Worldwired (November 2005, Bantam Spectra)

The Promethean Age

Blood and Iron (June 2006, ROC)
Whiskey and Water (July 2007, ROC)
One-Eyed Jack (September 2014, Prime Books)
The Stratford Man:
Volume I: Ink and Steel (July 2008, ROC)
Volume II: Hell and Earth (August 2008, ROC)

One-Eyed Jack (Forthcoming, Prime Books)

Jacob’s Ladder Trilogy

Dust (December 2007, Spectra)
Chill (February 2010, Spectra)
Grail (February 2011, Spectra)

The Edda of Burdens

All the Windwracked Stars (October 2008, Tor)
By the Mountain Bound (October 2009, Tor)
The Sea thy Mistress (March 2011, Tor)

The Iskryne

A Companion to Wolves, co-written with Sarah Monette (October 2007, Tor)
The Tempering of Men, co-written with Sarah Monette (August 2011, Tor)
An Apprentice to Elves, co-written with Sarah Monette (2013, Tor)

New Amsterdam series

New Amsterdam (May 2007, Subterranean Press)
Seven for a Secret (novella) (March 2009, Subterranean Press)
The White City (novella) (2011, Subterranean Press)
ad eternum (novella) (2012, Subterranean Press)
Untitled collection (2013, Subterranean Press)

Other novels

Carnival (November 2006, Bantam Spectra)
Undertow (August 2007, Bantam Spectra)

Short story collections

The Chains That You Refuse (May 2006, Night Shade Books)

Shoggoths in Bloom (November 2012, Prime Books)

Web Serials:

Shadow Unit (2007-present)