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Newsletter moved, and new content.

I've moved my newsletter to Substack. If you were subscribed to the old newsletter, your subscription has been migrated to the new one.

I'm also adding a paid track to it, which will include essays on various aspects of publishing aimed at aspiring writers. This content will be mirrored at my Patreon for $5 subscribers. There will continue to be additional content on my Patreon (the monthly writing book chapters). There will probably also be some kind of additional content on the newsletter, but it will not be publishing related. (I may talk about PTSD and trauma, for example).

I'm trying to balance my desire not to double-dip my subscribers who are inte

rested in publishing and writing conversation (and who were already established on the Patreon) with the need to establish diverse income streams, and Substack and Patreon's different pricing models. I know it's imperfect; I'm doing my best.

Patrons and newsletter subscribers both are encouraged to ask me agony aunt style questions about publishing

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