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The Best of Elizabeth Bear available for pre-order!

Hey, you! Yes, you!

From Publishers Weekly:

“Though many of these offer glimpses into vast, intricate worlds, all are grounded in deep human feeling and small, interpersonal dramas… Bear’s protagonists range from machines (the living spaceships of ‘Boojum’) to the human (the tired homicide cop in ‘Dolly’) to the monstrous (the discontented vampire of ‘Needles’), but she crafts them all with huge helpings of empathy and heart.”

From Booklist:

“The collection begins with the fascinating and haunting tale of a serial killer in ‘Covenant’ and ends with the recent ‘Erase, Erase, Erase,’ a haunting look at responsibility, identity, and memory. Notable in between are a tale of a literal rock god (‘Hobnoblin Blues’), a visit with Doc Holliday (‘Faster Gun’), even a murder mystery with unexpected and far-reaching consequences (‘Dolly’).”

From Kirkus:

“From the award-winning author of The Red-Stained Wings (2019, etc.), a collection of 27 tales published between 2005 and 2019, spanning most of Bear's career. Readers familiar with Bear's novels soon learn to expect the unexpected, with characters, worlds, and ideas eyed from drastically skewed perspectives.”

I mean, even Kirkus liked it. That’s a hat trick!

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2 comentarios

02 feb 2020

I meant DOLL, miss gorgeous...

Me gusta

02 feb 2020

Fantastic work, dear...

now, we have only eternal

Seventh-Heaven to operate



Thotz 'n ideers?

Wanna wiseabove with me

to RITE zillionz upon zillionz

of novels for the lengthNbreadth

of eternity in our own, private

library which has an unbelievable

roller-coaster stretching for miles

'n miles 'n miles 'n miles 'n miles,

upsNdowns, flipsNturns, fulla breakneck

speed going Mach 5 plus and more ..??

A whole gobbs moe, Curly ..??

Seventh-Heaven's unbelievable...

yet, totally symbiotic like the 70s

show 'the SixMillionDollarMan' ...

Gotta lotta nadda...

unless you believe.

God love you

-Saint Fulton Sheen

be. at. peace, pal,

not pieces. And, yes,

Im a Near Death Experiencer.

Me gusta
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