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The Red-Stained Wings is Coming Soon!

The Red-Stained Wings, Lotus Kingdoms Book 2, will be released on May 28th from Tor Books. Since my spouse, Scott Lynch, and I will be guests of honor at Balticon the weekend before, we've made special arrangements with the con, Tor, and Sally of Larry Smith Books to have early copies available that weekend for con attendees.

I'm super excited about this! There will also be a free book launch party on Sunday afternoon for con attendees with snacks and the opportunity to hang out with Scott and me. (Check the convention schedule for details.)

We'll also be doing a book launch party at Odyssey Books in South Hadley, MA at 7 pm on May 30th, with special guest star The Amazing Holly Black!

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1 Comment

Elena Dent
Elena Dent
Jun 08, 2019

Loved it; so... when does the third book come out?

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